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Personal Training

A Chris Haines Personal Training Package will literally
change your life.

I have a range of extensive qualifications and experience that allow me to give the best advice, support and knowledge possible for you to reach your goals, regardless of age, gender, or previous exercise experience.

My Qualifications and Experience Include

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Master Trainer Diploma
  • European Institute of Fitness Graduate
  • Certified motivational coach
  • Certified weight management specialist
  • Corrective exercise coach
  • Specific Populations Instructor
  • Royal Marines Commando – 8 years

The advanced qualifications held mean that personal training with me is more than just an hour or two a week, for example, it’s more than just counting reps, it is an all encompassing experience, engineered around making you achieve your goals.

You will be provided with the facilities, the exercise, the nutrition, and the motivation required to help you change your body in the quickest time possible.

Personal training is currently held in our private gym at 28-32 Western Road , Bexhill.

As well as your desired hours of personal training to fit in with your lifestyle, your package will include your personalised diet plan, a gym membership and free access to the notorious COMMANDO FITNESS UK classes.

Our flagship package is our ‘Life Changer’ - Full diet plan tailored to you as an individual, 10 weeks of 2 hours PT a week and circuit training as and when required.

There is also a new pricing plan to help you incorporate classes and personal training to suit your budget.

Have a read of our success stories and it will become clear to you why people travel far and wide to receive personal training of the highest quality, why our classes are always full, and why Chris Haines Personal Training is without a shadow of a doubt the premier choice in Sussex for Personal Training.

Your body is your most important asset, leave nothing to chance and choose a personal trainer that can prove results.

Chris Haines Master Trainer

Personal Training Price List

Life changer package 'RECOMMENDED' 

10 weeks of 2 hours PT a week and free classes as and when required. 
Fully customised diet and no gym membership to pay. 
Kick start package 

5 weeks of 2 hours PT a week and free classes as and when required. 
Fully customised diet and no gym membership to pay. 

Below are some other options, all include customised diet programme.

10 Weeks

Sessions per week Peak Times Off Peak
1 hours PT & 2 circuits £720 £720
1 hours PT & 1 circuit £660 £660
1 hours PT £600 £600
5 Weeks


Sessions per week Peak Times Off Peak
1 hours PT & 2 circuits £430 £430
1 hours PT & 1 circuit £400 £400
1 hours PT £370 £370

1 HOUR PT - £120
1/2 HOUR PT - £75
Personal Training is always fully booked with waiting lists between 2 and 6 weeks depending on time of day, so get in touch soon.


To sign up for Personal training, click the button below and send me an email.

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Here are some of my Personal Training results

Scott Morley - lost 19.5lbs fat and gained 3lbs muscle. Lost 3 inches from his waist (5 weeks)
Dan Jamison - lost 20lb fat and gained 5lb muscle. 5 inches off waist, chest bigger. body fat now 14%
Emily Shoesmith - lost 23lbs fat and 25 inches from chest, waist, hips and legs. (2 courses)
Sue Shopland - lost 8lb fat and 4 inches from waist. 3lb muscle gain.
Alfie Hart - lost 16lb fat. Gained 4lb muscle and 2 inches to chest. Body fat 18% to 15%.
Bruce Hawes - lost 19lbs fat and 4 inches from waist. 7lb muscle gain and 1 inch on chest. Body fat 23% to 14.5% (1 course plus circuit continuation)
Natasha Upton - 9st 3 and 23% body fat down to 8st 13 and 19% body fat. (1 session a week)
Sara Skelton - lost 14lbs fat and 5 inches from waist. 11.5 inches total loss from waist, hips and legs
Shea Kelly - lost 7lb fat. 7lb Muscle gained. Body fat 21% to 17% (6 weeks training)
Natasha Warner - lost 18lbs fat and 7.5 inches from waist. 19 inches total loss from chest, waist, hips and legs (18 weeks)
Victoria Hosier - lost 11lbs fat and 3 inches from waist. 6.5 inches total loss from waist, hips and legs. (5 weeks)
Daniel Upton - lost 38lbs fat and 8 inches from waist. 8lb muscle gained. (3 courses)
Emily Thompson - 14lb fat loss, 5lb muscle gain. 8.5 inches total loss from waist, hips and legs


Commando Fitness UK has been my life for many years now. After a few “colourful” school years, I left school and found I was doing nothing much really.

Aged 17 I discovered fitness, and became obsessed with it instantly, learning how to become fitter, faster, stronger, and leaner.

Aged 18 I joined the Royal Marines Commandos and completed the longest, hardest basic training in the world and was awarded my green beret, being one of only eight to complete the 32 week course that fifty-three had started.

I then spent eight years travelling the world, fighting for my country, and boxing for the Royal Marines before eventually the pull of my young daughter in Bexhill became too much and in late 2010/early 2011 I left the Royal Marines and started Commando Fitness UK.

I had finally found my real talent and passion in life and have not looked back since, helping over three thousand people to change their lives for the better.

I now enjoy training over 100 people a day, whilst spending quality time with my wonderful daughter, and continuing the healthy obsession I have for self-improvement.

  • "

    I'm one of those people that has tried every fad diet and bought every exercise DVD (which usually stayed in the wrapper) and never stuck to anything.

    Yes I always managed to lose a few pounds but then always put it on, trouble is I like my food too much and mainly the wrong foods!!......

    ......My confidence is through the roof, my only regrets is that I didn't do this 10 years ago. So never say never, don't think I'll start tomorrow, go for it now and give it everything you've got you won't regret it!!

    " Sarah Swatton

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  • "

    I just wanted to say I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have had from Commando Fitness UK!

    I signed up, despite living a 40 minute drive away, having seen the miraculous transformation of a close friend.....

    ....My friends and family have also noticed the change in me. It is definitely worth the 80 minute round trip 3 times a week for such great results.

    " Jane

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  • "

    I joined CFUK in August 2013. It was to be a unique twist and experience following some illness that I had suffered some two years earlier....

    Chris Haines played a great game encouraging and setting the Target. He created a positive and warm environment to train in.

    ....I think Chris understates some of the positives that his course gives people. Sure fat loss and fitness. But self-esteem and good mental health are catered for. I am proud to be part of the Team and I am thankful for getting involved at the right time.

    " Bob

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